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The Elyria City Schools, partnering with First Student transportation, strives to transport students with both comfort and economy while following all state-mandated procedures.

For general transportation questions, contact First Student at 440-284-8030.

Please click the link for a copy of the 2023-2024 Bus Handbook.

Location Stop Changes

If you would like to change your kindergarten through 8th grade student's AM or PM stop location, please use the following online form. Conditional Transportation Form

If you would like to change your EECV preschool student's stop location, please call the EECV main office at 440-284-8250.

Conditional Transportation Requests

Bus transportation is available to students who live more than 1.25 miles from their home school or if the route to school is deemed hazardous by First Student. (Students who are open-enrolled are not eligible for bus transportation.) 

If your address does not qualify for transportation and you would like to request bus transportation, please complete a conditional form and First Student will make a determination and contact those who've applied.

Conditional requests will be reviewed after all eligible riders have been assigned by First Student and availability will depend on space.

Charter and Non-Public Transportation Requests


1. You are making this request to the Board of Education of Elyria City Schools.

2. You must include with your request your home address, grade level, target non-public or Community school, and its address, phone number.

3. Your failure to notify/request us by the below date, each year, could possibly disrupt transportation during the first two weeks of school. If you enroll during the school year, you must still notify us in writing.

4. Once received, the transportation department will review the request, and may then at its behest, either provide transportation via school bus, or declare transportation to the non-public school impractical for said student(s) based on the following parameters:

 – the time and distance required to provide such transportation;
 – the number of pupils to be transported;
 – the cost of providing transportation in terms of equipment, maintenance, personnel, and administration;
 – whether similar or equivalent service is provided to other pupils eligible for transportation;
 – whether and to what extent the additional service unavoidably disrupts current transportation schedules; and/or
 – whether other reimbursable types of transportation are available.

5. If the Board of Education declares transporting your student impractical, it may offer you payment in lieu of transporting. You have the right to either accept or reject that offer and may have additional legal rights.

6. It is your responsibility alone as a parent or guardian of a student planning on attending a non-public school or other entity, and you must act on this notice, and must file a request with the Board of Education before July 15th, each year, to be considered for transportation for the following school year.

7. If you do not fill out a request, we are unable to route your student on any transportation service, regardless of status.

8. In accordance with Ohio Revised Code 3327.01 [ ] the following stipulations apply:

A board of education shall not be required to transport elementary or middle pupils to and from a nonpublic or community school where such transportation would require more than thirty (30) minutes of direct travel time as measured by school bus from the public school building to which the pupils would be assigned if attending the public school, designated by the district of residence, to the non-public or community school during the actual travel window of time.

9. Where it is impractical to transport a pupil by school conveyance, a board of education may offer payment in lieu of providing such transportation in accordance with section 3327.02 of the Revised Code.

10. No transportation of any pupils shall be provided by any board of education to or from any school which in the selection of pupils, faculty members, or employees, practices discrimination against any person on the grounds of race, color, religion, or national origin.

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For any other transportation questions, please contact the Transportation Department at 440.284.8000