Strategic Plan: Pioneering Our Path

On Nov. 1, 2023, Burges & Burges Strategists of Cleveland presented the Elyria Board of Education with a multi-year Strategic Plan for Elyria City School District born of a months-long internal and external engagement process. The Board presentation is available here in its entirety.

The Strategic Plan centers on four main goals and corresponding objectives. The goals and objectives align with the district's beliefs, and will guide short- and long-term priorities of Elyria Schools in service to students, families and the community. 


Goal 1: We will collectively reinforce high-quality expectations for ALL students.


● Provide students with the developmentally appropriate instruction and tools to enhance skills and learning beyond educational basics.
● Continue to improve and increase career, college and character building opportunities to students at all grade levels.
● Communicate, model and reinforce expected student and staff behaviors utilizing our district matrices.


Goal 2: We will work collaboratively with our community to reduce educational barriers for students and families. 


● Further develop collaborative partnerships with parents, agencies and other parties to offer wraparound services.
● Support and communicate the work of meeting students and staff where they are to ensure equity and access regardless of background and demographic.
● Implement an information management and tracking system for data reports.


Goal 3: We will focus our resources to meet the priorities of our students, families and community stakeholders.


● Evaluate and adjust our process to allocate resources on a regular basis.
● Communicate plans and needs to the greater community.
● Ensure equitable distribution of resources for our Pioneer family.
● Continue to seek alternative ways to find resources.


Goal 4: We will enhance community outreach to broaden our community audience and strengthen Elyria traditions.


● Ensure varied, clear, timely and accurate communication.
● Provide opportunities for two way communication, input and feedback.
● Encourage staff to be more visible at community events.
● Proactively engage alumni.