Student Health and Wellness

The Elyria Schools employs a full-time nursing staff that also includes health aides to provide health and wellness services to its students throughout the district. 

Our nurses are highly trained and well-versed in the latest health and medical information impacting school-aged children. They are keenly aware of issues impacting youth today and are trained to recognize and respond to school health matters. 

The Elyria Schools Nursing Staff:

Tara DiFranco, 440-284-8169 (direct)

  • Northwood Elementary, 440-284-8014
  • Northwood Middle, 440-284-8016

Val Frank, 440-284-6689 (direct)

  • Eastern Heights Elementary, 440-284-8011
  • Eastern Heights Middle, 440-284-8015

Jennifer Packman 440-284-8099 (direct)

  • Elyria Early Childhood Village, 440-284-8250

Amanda McCall 440-284-8377 (direct)

  • Ely Elementary, 440-284-8005

  • Hamilton Elementary, 440-284-8007

Rose Hess 440-284-8153 (direct)

  • Westwood Elementary, 440-284-8002 
  • Westwood Middle, 440-284-8017

Melissa Frabotta 440-284-5208 (direct)

  • Elyria High School, 440-284-5208

To contact a school nurse, please call them direct using the number posted above.