Performing Arts Center

The Elyria Schools Center for Performing Arts

Elyria is a community dedicated to the arts. The citizens of Elyria voted to rebuild Elyria's flagship high school, Elyria High School, in May, 2007. The Ohio School Facilities Commission partnered with the Elyria Schools, funding nearly 40% of the rebuilding project; however, the Performing Arts Center was not included in the scope of OSFC's responsibility to the district. With that in mind, the district polled the community to learn if it would support building a new performing arts center completely funded by the community. The answer was a resounding "Yes," and the Elyria Performing Arts Center was born!

The Performing Arts Center enjoys many sophisticated and striking enhancements made possible by a generous donation from Invacare Corporation of Elyria.

Requests for tours of the facility or questions regarding available dates for rentals should be directed to:


For Audience Members Attending Presentations in the EPAC

As a general rule, food and beverages are NOT permitted in the EPAC. Please refrain from bringing any food or beverages with you when you attend a performance. As a courtesy to our clients, we have devised the following more specific guidelines pertaining to this.

The following items will be permitted in the seats and carpeted areas of the theatre:

  • Bottled water in a capped, factory-sealed container of 20 ounces or less
  • Hard candies (i.e., Life Savers, Hall's, Altoids, Tic Tacs, etc.)
  • For parents of babies and toddlers only, the following items will be permitted in the seats and carpeted areas of the theatre:
    • Baby bottles
    • Sippy cups, NO juice boxes or juice pouches
    • Bite-sized cereal or crackers (i.e., Cheerios or Goldfish); NO gum, fruit snacks, licorice, suckers, lollipops, or chocolates

The following items will NOT be permitted in the seats and carpeted areas of the theatre:

  • Coffee, tea, pop, energy drinks, fruit punch, Gatorade, etc.; sugary drinks attract ants and drinks with coloring can stain the carpeting and upholstery
    • You will be asked to finish these and dispose of their containers in the lobby before entering the theatre
  • Water in non-commercial bottles or containers
    • Audience members will be asked to leave these items in the lobby for the duration of the presentation. We have a cooler where we can store your container for you until the end of the performance if you would like
  • Gum, fruit snacks, licorice, suckers, lollipops, chocolates, etc. Essentially, anything gooey, sticky, or messy that could stain fabrics

For your convenience, trash containers are placed inside the seating area of the theatre. Please use these to dispose of tissues, candy wrappers, your gum, and any unwanted programs or flyers from the performance or presentation. Please keep feet on the floor at all times and off the seats and railings.

Restrooms and drinking fountains are located in the lobby. Additional restrooms, men's and women's and a family restroom, are located in the hallway on the left-hand side of the theatre. There are more restrooms on the second floor as well in case of lengthy lines at the ones downstairs. Please find an EPAC Team member for directions to these.

J. R. Simons

J. R. Simons
Elyria Performing Arts Center (EPAC) Manager
Elyria Schools Center for the Performing Arts
Email: [email protected]
EPAC Office Phone: (440) 284-5209

Cell Phone: (440) 657-4998

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