Facility Information


The Elyria Performing Arts Center (EPAC) seats 824 with 10 wheelchair seats and 13 companion seats. There are 385 orchestra seats with 416 seats in the Mezzanine. The wheelchair seats are located between the Orchestra and the Mezzanine. Each wheelchair seat also has an adjacent companion seat.

There are two entrances from the large lobby into the auditorium and four exits. The lobby boasts a concession stand, box office, and a Will Call Window. There are tables situated around the lobby for patron use before a performance, during intermissions, and following a performance. Just off the lobby in the hallway are restrooms, including a Family restroom.

Backstage offers makeup and dressing rooms, storage areas for costumes, and nearby restrooms. Neighboring band and choir rooms serve as warm-up areas.

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Lighting System:

  • Philips Strand Classic Palette II Lighting console with 32 sub masters and 512 channels of DMX control
  • Strand 301 panel stage left working in conjunction with the Classic Palette II console
  • 3 motorized Electrics each with 30 circuits
  • 1 motorized electric with Cyclorama lights
  • FOH Catwalk with 32 circuits
  • House Left and Right side towers with 6 circuits each
  • 16 circuits onstage
  • 200 total dimmers including those set aside for House Lights
  • 2 Lycian 575 watt midget HP Follow Spots located above the light booth

Sound System:

  • Yamaha LS9-32 channel digital mixing system located in the rear of the house
  • 3 overhead main speakers
  • 9 fill speakers
  • 4 monitor speakers available for use
  • 8 wireless receivers
  • A Clear-Com Intercom system is installed in the facility

Dressing rooms:

  • 5 makeup stations in each dressing room comprising a mirror, lighting, and electrical outlets
  • Storage cabinets for hanging individual costumes
  • Sinks for cleanup
  • Direct access to the stage

Stage Rigging:

  • 28 batten fly system consisting of:
  • 3 sets of legs
  • 4 borders
  • 2 travelers
  • 3-section sound cloud
  • 1 Cyclorama
  • 1 grand drape
  • 1 grand teaser
  • 4 electrics
  • 9 free scenery battens
  • Grand Teaser, Grand Drape, and 4 Electrics are motorized; all others are manual
Stage Space:


  • SR wing space is 16.5'
  • SL wing space is 12'
  • Proscenium width is 57'4"
  • Depth from Curtain line to US wall is 34'
  • Apron is 10' deep at CS
  • Total depth, at CS is 44 ft
  • Proscenium height is 19'4" play height is 14'6

Audio Record Room Dressing Room Sound Room